And then, a continuation is posted next year, with the girl revealing she never lost her memory ! (I'm fantasizing)

In the hentai and manga worlds, frankly, everyone’s got a sucky skull and a lame brain, the merest shock is enough to make one lose his/her memories. Mind you, this amnesia epidemy is convenient, just like that weird law forbidding to use large bath towels (come on, there MUST be a law like that !)

Here, a woman loses her memory, so #RandomHentaiJoe, who she just met, is glad to remind her they were hardcore lovers, so its only logical to resume in order to restore her memory, right, right ?
And sex follows :roll:

Well, at least the drawings were top notch, Zero No Mono has really grown in talent over the years, large breasts and hips but not chubby, large areolas, many less drawing defects than before, wet and sloppy sex… YUM ! :D
This nice share was released by Ignis, Psyburn21, Almond and Altereggo, from Team Vanilla and Funeral Of Smiles, thanks a lot for the manga and the credits pic :3

By the same artist, I also share Iregui

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