Hello everyone, I’m trying to find ooooooold stuff, dating from the glorious Windows 98 era, at the time Internet Explorer 5 appeared as a fantastic improvement against the sluggish and annoying Netscape Communicator, one century ago :D

First, on top of all, I’m trying to find an old Flash game, I’ve got a bet on this (free meal for two adults, on my tab if I don’t find the game !). I think the name mentioned “cat catapult” or something like that, but I failed to find it :(
Here’s a screenshot :

I loved it
(torturing cats is good.)

I risk nothing in asking, would YOU know the name of this game, would you know where to find it, maybe ? Thanks if you can help ! :)

And second, while desperately searching for that game on my hard disks, I found this picture I had completely forgotten. It’s damn fun, but it was already too small on 800×600 monitors. Just in case, I’m asking, you wouldn’t happen to have a higher resolution of that picture, heh ? :D