I never saw a priestess like that, lol ^^

here is a nice hentai manga done by Desu and commissioned by dear Grey Fox, thank you very much ! :)
Everything in this share seems perfectly legit, making sense, and this is why I loved it so much :D

Meeting for the first time in years, two cherries, after having been just friends : it is perfectly normal to indulge in sex at once and skip foreplay anyway, go for the creampie and then process to unlubricated anal sex. Makes sense :D

The characters make as much sense, the male hero looks harmless and unable to open his eyes : he’s a beast. While the heroine is a delinquent miko (me : awwww :D ).
And yet : I really loved it :lol: There’s a likeable carefree mood, nicely humorous – with great sex :twisted:

The hentai geek note : I strongly reprocessed the pictures, cf my usual before / after comparison.
By the same artist, I also share The Wizard’s Birthday and Blacksmith.

13636322_00wut_www.hentairule.jpg 13636327_00wut_www.hentairule.jpg 13636331_00wut_www.hentairule.jpg

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