I don't know if my pic sucks or not, but I found it fun to do ^^

There’s nothing like a determined and apparently carefree club prez to bring together two shy schoolmates in love. The present share starts as potential boyfriend stealing, evolves in threesome, and ends up with happy sex with love : not bad at all :D
Graphically, well, there is censorship (it inspired me a Star Wars inspired bonus picture, or its heavier alternative version, sorry if it’s a bit lame, I couldn’t find how to make it better ^^), but even then, the girls are good-looking, it’s nice :) As for the rest, there is oral, paizuri, pussy rubbing, followed by “usual” vaginal hentai – it’s pleasant enough ^^

This share was brought us by Mumei, Hentai Gnome, Ghost and Reaper, from Mumei Translations, thank you ! :) (Side note, Mumei is recruiting editors and translators, hit them up if you’re interested !)

By the same artist, I also share Overcome

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If the preview pic on top of my blog note pleased you, you may be interested in the full-size version ? I made two versions, here, and there. And – frankly – I wasn’t entirely satisfied with how it turned out, if you’re in the mood of doing better, I can also give you the original photoshop psds : here, and there.