Me, bukkake doesn't arouse me. If for YOU, on the other hand, it "works", well, good for you ^^

At first, randomly opening pictures, I was fearing the worst. Now I finished reading it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I’m glad to tell :)

Let’s say the two thirds of Sei Shokusha are about scenario-free happy kinky sex with mutual respect, and the last third displays ugly hentai rape with total scorn for the female partner.
Graphically, all girls are of highschool age, with generous though not unrealistic tits, having with mostly oral + vaginal sex, with a few DPs. This manga’s forte, though, is the incredibly abundant bukkake sessions (is that even human jizz ? Or was Spiderman invited to the party ?), oh my eyes O_o I’m not at all into bukkake (not even into facial cumshots) so that kinda ruined the whole point to me, but, well, how about you ? ^^

And thanks a lot to our dear SL Gundam and Saha for this Christmas release :)
A note, I did some retouching on the images, they were such a dull grey, I thought it made everything look boring. Cf as of usual a before / after comparison.

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