EXCELLENT ! I loved it ! =)

A deliciously adult blonde female teacher with nice breasts and well-shaped hips takes a gourmet’s pleasure at teasing one of her male students : she has already targeted him, and is enjoying the glow of these moments when she’s leading the game, that makes her smile, her face, deliciously arousing, fascinating. And then sex begings, and it’s as great as we could hope :)

The version I share here is different from the one initially released by the RedComet team, I thought I could bring some value added. Have a Before / After comparison, as of usual ;)
The changes I brought were : cropping (the scans showed the images surrounded by the shape of the other pages, I kept only the “real image” data), levelling (when greys are grey, and blacks are grey, it’s time to hit control-L), smoothing (<3 Surface Blur), and trying to fix the covers (but their grainy initial appearance had some charm, so I kept the old version too.) Cyatomorrow, from RedComet, found the grey version reflected better the feeling you’ve got when you read a real hentai magazine, it’s an interesting take, maybe I prefer my blacks black because I only read hentai on a monitor ?

My great thanks (this manga went at once in my Favorites partitions, really : THANKS :D ) are for Cyatomorrow, Shadow and Whodunit68, from Red Comet :)

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