Sigh, too much pegging :(

I must warn you : here be some pegging. No, I won’t write a definition of the term if you don’t know it yet, I’m too sensible, too delicate, just google it yourself. Ew.
Let’s say that half of the manga is okay in my eyes, but the rest, duh. Pegging, a fucken yaoi chapter (I don’t mean no offence to whoever it may concern, if YOU’re into yaoi, good for you, but me, I loathe it), aaargh.
It’s one of those mangas where you MUST be able to select what you like and discard what you don’t like, if you’re unable to perform this kind of mental technique, I think it’s safer to stay away from this manga.
The fetishes of this manga : bukkake, foot, smell and/or nylon fetish – and pegging, ew. First time I saw a MAN showing an ahegao face :shock: Graphically : it’s damn good, almost uncensored.

The joke of the day (you’ll understand) : « Aaaah ! Look at me, Tamayo-san ! With the help of my mother, I was able to stand up ! » (I repeat : you’ll understand).

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai