And... To think I thought I would be disappointed ^_^

At first I was preparing myself to read a boring manga with poor drawings.
I stand corrected ! I LOVED IT ! :D

First, the drawings aren’t poor, they’re average (even if at times Yamamoto Yoshifumi totally screws up and offers a girl additional vertebrae). And there’s pure LOVE for boobs, I know no other mangaka drawing delicate flowers in the background every time a girl unhooks her bra for the first time :shock:

Second, the scenario, YUM, it’s the best part, it is funny as hell :D
There are some genius pages (like the hero doing an “are you fucking kidding me” face when he learns his company’s sales are based on vibrators, or when he introduces the cop-dildo-mascot Taiho-kun and faces silent horror ^^). And all along, the male character is making funny faces of all kinds, has unexpected and highly funny social interactions, this is providing agreable comic relief, VERY agreable comic relief :)

All in all, to hell with the average drawings, there’s sex, and it’s very funny, go for it and enjoy ! ;) :lol:
Thanks a LOT to Tadanohito and all his kind donators :)

Just a note : what kind of company is content with a salesman selling, at best, one product per day ? Last time I worked as a salesman, in 2005 I think, generating 90 k€ of sales per month only meant a 300€ bonus, lol :D

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