If only virginities were so easy to bid goodbye to ^^

There’s a surprising and agreable mood in this one, Sexy Stream, the male and female protagonist are unusually open about their sexuality and the fact they enjoy solo sex, without blushing or anything like that.

And that leads to carefree first time happy sex, with, as added spice, the fact this is webcam-streamed live to a lucky online audience :)

The drawings are – honestly – average, the girl is a pettanko, fortunately the whole streaming idea added enough spice to make it, in my eyes, worth reading :) (And possibly worth doing whatever you wanna do in private, this isn’t my business, ew ;) )
Credits are for SDMC from SMDC Translations, thank you :)
By the same artist, I also share Junk Land chapter 2 and Receiving Guidance Counseling (I found out just now that the present share is Junk Land chapter 5).

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I swear I don’t have stocks or anything, but if you’d like to test webcam sites, I could recommend you to check myfreecams.com, it’s a nice one. Change the display settings to show actual live screenshot captures in large size, have it refreshed every 30 seconds, ask to see HD shows first and the rest ranked by popularity, click the popup link, resize windows to stack 2 to 6 simultaneous streams, and – enjoy ;)