Shake it, anal style

Today, save my 4th and last share of the day, this won’t be Vanilla Quality, let’s call it an opportunity for a change, once in a while ? ;)
Let’s start with the present work, graphically excellent (threesome, vaginal and anal penetration, double dong in a never-seen before position :shock: ), even if, scenario-wise, this is about a dominator slave trainer and his two trainees.

My thanks go to Desu, Aidenke and, for the decensoring, to High 9 Eleven :) I’m also having fun experiencing with Photoshop CS5 (ah~the newbie enthusiasm~~), and as a part of my training I re-worked the pictures in this share (in this link, the original versions are on the left, the revamped version is on the right, automation is really powerful with Photoshop o_O)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Two remarks :

– There isn’t anything technically objectable in Shake Hip (well, save brother-sister incest, but we’re on, not on, remember ?), but slave-training is one of the most boring hentai themes in my opinion :roll:

– just like I’m having lots of fun training with Photoshop, and incidentally that’s making me share cleaned up versions or uncensoring more stuff than usual myself, High 9 Eleve, who kindly decensored this share, is more or less in the same situation.
Hey ! Didn’t I tell you, there would be much more uncensored hentai available when Photoshop CS5 would become available ? I told you so ! :D