Hi everyone :)

I wanted to ask you something… Please, can I leave the tagging of my shares to YOU ? :)

I’ll explain ;)
– To be frank, I’m always fighting with time, there are too many things in my life, and I can’t afford to spend more time on my blog than I already do
– And yet, I added a Tags system to my shares,
– This tag system is custom-made, meaning :
YOU, the visitors I love, you can add tags YOURSELVES

I chose this system (I paid to fund its development) because I’m sure I can trust you guys and girls to do my job in my place, frankly :lol:

The tags system will receive improvements in the future, with autosuggest, Ajax loading and autoreplacement (like “Futa” auto-renamed as the other “Futanari” tag), and maybe displaying a tag’s score, to make its removal harder if many people vote on it (at the moment, 3 negative votes have a tag removed).

-> You can add tags to the posts yourself
-> You can click the “minus” button to vote for a tag to be removed, 3 votes and *poof* a wrong tag is gone

Please, can you do the tagging for me ? That will help everyone :)
Thanks a lot if you can ! :beer: