Shame on me : I’ve been caught off-guard by a meme -_-

Usually, I’m the kind of careful guy, not falling into a random meme, I already don’t have enough time on my hands. Well, there are exceptions, unfortunately :D

A kind visitor of hentairules, Christiaan, sent me this you tube link. And obviously, it all started from here, you know how it happens, you find it funny, you click another related video, and another, and suddenly you realize you’ve pumped up the volume, you have two dozens of open tabs, and one hour has been lost without you noticing it :roll:

I see no reason for me to be the only one losing time, sleep and productivity, so here are a few of the videos related to Christiaan’s initial vid :twisted:

-> the original one (from which everything started), Lol limewire, 300 !, a scary speedy one, a really mad mix (with Darth Vader ^^;;), and techno viking’s version. And the One Piece version, of course.

I hope you too will be missing sleep for the next day :twisted:

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