The closest thing to a Kanon doujin I'll ever share. HurpDurp, here! Got something very special today, a Maruta hentai manga released by my scanlation group, THMMY Scans! Don’t worry, if you want audios I still shared 5 of them below this post (and Oliver posted some shit that I’m accidentally pushing down…)Welp, Kenny (the old editor of THMMY) started this himself in March. One thing led to another, and eventually he ended up being unable to continue. At least he uncensored the first two chapters before leaving!

If you like this, I’ll have you know we’re going to do that rest (and possibly redo the 3rd chapter that Random Translator did a couple of years ago, I didn’t include it this time because I’m not sure what’s going on there). I can’t tell you whether or not the rest will be uncensored, but I’ll take a shot at it nonetheless because we’re being paid (commissioned) to finish this thing :3 (yhey, I’m making moneys.)

Now for that part of the message where I thank myself: Let’s all thank THMMY Scans for this great release! Kusojijii (translation of the second chapter), myself (editing, cleaning and typesetting of the second chapter), Kenny_AF (uncensoring, typesetting, cleaning, editing and translation), Master Prichter (QC and translation first chapter), and finally Job Truniht (QC of the second chapter, plus he will be commissioning the rest from us!).

By Maruta, Oliver also shares Kanojo Ga Koibito Wo Suki Ni Natta Riyuu (199 pictures), A Good Reason For Less Friend and One Piece Envy…

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