Yep, I'm SO wishing I could live that :D

Remember Kanojo Wa Kazoku De Koibito De, that I shared 9 months ago ? This was the chapter 1 of She’s My Family And My Lover :)
In this manga, we have an above-the-fold male hero (good-looking, good dick, not much of a personality) surrounded by 3 sisters (not his) who are, of course, secretly in love with him, and who, in turns, fuck him good, sorry to be blunt :D
This isn’t incredibly original, but at least there are good ideas for each of the sisters, to make them a bit different, at least boredom is kept away, and I even laughed in the third chapter :)

Graphically, high school girls and a young adult woman, the girls are good-looking even if the censorship is too heavy to fully enjoy the drawings.
Credits are for Begbeg, Eromasuta, Tivums and Amaimono, from Amai Little Thing, and Raikoh from Doujin-Moe, thank you ! :)
A bonus pic, a feeling of “What the fuck, come on, JAPAN !” surged within me…

By the same artist, also under the Basutei Shower pen name, I also share The White Bud Of A Lust Flower chapter 1, Himitsu Renai Soudan, Kenzakis Sexual Reasoning, Ko-Fun Shoujo, and a pack of 5 works (After Flowers, After School Obedience Coaching, Cla-Mc, Over Upper, and Sister Friend).

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