Great adult hentai story

With many thanks to Sei-Jin’s great taste, here is a very nice and very interesting hentai work. Artistically, there’s a little something really pleasing the eye, really unique, and yet I don’t manage to describe it (so frustrating). Scenario wise, at last, it’s been a long time I missed a real adult story, that is to say not only fuck scenes, but also matured adult feelings mixed with courage, love, interrogations for the future, the weight of one’s past and untold secrets. I didn’t say it was an absolutely amazing scenario (the – complete – story is 68 pages only), but still, that’s a nice one :)

By the same artist, I also share Virginal Communication [English, 221 pictures]

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Read the rest of : Shiawase De Aru You Ni 1-2 (”Wishing You Happiness”) [English, 68 pictures], by Sasagawa Hayashi (153 words)