Yeah, those islanders went full retard, no doubting this.

Now that I think of it, I’ve seen many mangas in which people living in islands had fucking STUPID traditions or customs, making them look like full retards or dangerous freaks born from prolungated consanguinity (there’s even a “high on bad acid” version).

Please, @ people knowing Japan, is it a misinterpretation of mine, or are islanders really looked down upon, in some way, by mainlanders ?

With that intro, prepare yourselves ! A couple of naive youngsters have a love marriage, and, retard island tradition oblige, the girl is gangbanged by all the available males while the boy is forced to watch, weeping. If the story had been much more convincing (and if I had not been laughing, I must be growing immune), I would have regretted the lack of machete in the final pages ^^;;
In short, I deemed the scenario as ridiculous and simply discarded it, and enjoyed the gangbang drawings (the girl was all “hoo, it’s bad, that I love it so much“). If you can also enjoy it, one way or another, good for you too ! :) And thanks a lot to coNTRa and QB Translations for this release :)

Side note : a Japanese marriage, in traditional outfits, with the sake cup and all. With a catholic priest saying his stuff in latin. Seriously, WTF’s with those full retard islanders :D :lol:

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