Shiwasu No Okina and Olverlook : the golden combo :3

Great news, I”ve gotten my greedy hands on an IMPROVED version of the volumes 2 and 3 of Shining Musume, mwahahahahaaaaa ! :twisted:

This improved version comes to you thanks to Overlook for the great work, and also thanks to 3333h, who gave me the information, without him I wouldn”t have noticed it :)

I shared the volume 2 fifteen minutes ago, and now here comes the volume 3 !

This volume keeps the same excellent graphical qualities (very good drawings, many girls, arousing blushing faces and “I beg you fuck me” cute teen bodies), of course, but there are lots of improvements :) There are better pictures (scans taken from a better source), with better fonts, and a few other improvements here and there (cf the credits in the end for the full details).

(For MUCH more stuff, cf. The list of all Shiwasu No Okina”s Works !)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Scenario wise, this is the beginning of the second Shining Musume arc (arc 1 was the volumes 1-2, arc 2 is the volumes 3-6, while Shining Musume volume 7 is a collection of enthusiastically happy side stories), so… well… The scenario is a bit confusing and leaves less place to sex scenes. To summarize : idols having lot of sex, magical creatures around them and their plots…. aaaargh, I give up on summarizing it, just read it ^^;;

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english hentai english hentai english hentai