*gasp* *need air*

By Haru Wamusato, from whom I already share Oh Imoto [English, 204 pictures] and My Little Angel [English, short story], here’s another goodness that will, I hope, please a lot of you guys : Shinkon Shimai. So far, the chapters 1-4 are translated into English. This manga is the story of an uninteresting average male and of the 3 faptastic sisters trio living right next door to him who, for some definitely unknown reason, are in love with him and loving nothing more than being creampied by him. At this point, I gave up on any sense of logic and appreciated the great fuck scenes :D

Two of the girls have huge tits, the third one looks lolita-ish, it was a bit of a problem to me, but well… technically aged 16, a super-hot manga in all other regards, several uncensored pages… blast it, I deem it a good share :twisted:

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Shinkon Shimai 1-4 [English, 96 pictures], by Haru Wamusato (78 words)