It's compelling, isn't it ? ;)

There’s a pleasant and frankly refreshing carefree and casual mood in this nice manga. In short, a young man comes to work as a temp assistant at a female mangaka’s place, and very quickly, in the name of gathering documentation, his penis becomes the object of the female mangaka’s full attention, from yer eye to her vagina.
We’re offered a break from the distressing rape, yandere or netorare stories, but also from the earnest and passionate vanilla stories, , here, “it’s just sex”, the more experienced woman casually taking the lead, and it’s fine as it is :)

Graphically, honestly I’ve seen more polished, but the unique atmosphere of this share makes it worth it, in my opinion ^^
This manga was brought to us (well, to me, at least :D ) by my dear Kyle, who had decensored it, great job, and thank you man ! I don’t know who to credit for the scanlation, though.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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Just a note : me, if it were my first time, I wouldn’t have “polluted” it with dildo play, ew @ the double vaginal.