boy, I love the "eat me" expression on the girl's face in that picture :D

Here you are, guys, with the looong-awaited complete version of Shoujo Material, by Naruko Hanaharu :D
I had no idea the translation was still going on until a kind visitor, called A Frech Visitor, gave me the link to it, all my thanks ! :)

Scenario wise, the manga is made of short independant stories, some are great, very funny or very “artistic” with a saddening note, while some others are plainly fucked up to the root (I’d never thought I’d have preferred incest stories before :roll: ).
The drawings, fortunately, are better than the scenario, showing pleasure-torn faces, with excellent girls and even better faces during sex :o

(Remember to view the updated list of all Naruko Hanaharu”s works on Hentairules)

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Read the rest of : Shoujo Material [English, COMPLETE version, 228 pictures], by Naruko Hanaharu (210 words)