This begins as a dark, strange, mysterious story – typically Japanese, in that regard. Mysteries, fears, hope, courage, a truth to reveal… Oh, and tons of awesome sex too :twisted:

Thanks a LOT to Job Truniht and Jejuni, from QB Translations ! :)

It’s funny how an artist’s personality can alter the way a story looks like. If the present story had been handled by someone like Tuna Empire, this would have been such a mindfuck your eyes would have been bleeding (like with Island). While here, with Akatsuki Myuuto, this is close to captivating, this is a very good and interesting scenario, with a poetic and atmospheric (huhu) ending :)

The drawings are damn good, hardcore, various girls in various positions, GNIII!, my friends, GNIIII! However, I’ll have to issue a loli warning, not all girls look old enough sadly, it may even vary from a panel to each other, I’ve really wondered if I should share it because of this.

By the same artist, I also share Dorei Usagi To Anthony, Beautiful Girls Club 1 and The Princess Of The Sleep.

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