That was a hell of an erotic sweater she was wearing

« Hi, I’m your childhood friend, we lost contact until we met in Uni a short while ago, you’re going to believe I’m wasted and I’ve come to your place for a rest, so, shall we have sex at last ? »

Boy, that girl is hotter with a sweater than most other girls with indecent lingerie :shock:
There is happy sex, the heroine is looking GREAT with a mesmerizing “punch drunk with love and arousal” face all along, even the bloody white hole censorship wasn’t enough to kill my joy :)
I really hope you’ll enjoy it ! And many, many thanks to The Individual Eleven ! :)

There was a picture inside this manga in which the white hole censorship was plainly ridiculous, and that made me create a highly embarrassing bonus picture (that link).
CONTEST ! Look, can you do better worse ? Take the original picture, and make an even more atrocious parody with it by filling in the blanks, post a link (,, etc…, a direct http link, no html a href stuff) in the comments, and I’ll give you a depositfiles Gold key as a reward if I find that picture funny, okay ? ^^ (make sure to use a valid email addy. I can’t give more than a few keys, first come, first served, though).

By Hisashi (or Hisasi), I also share Mousou Stampede (Uncensored version), Houkago Trap, Stay With Me Miu, Sisters Ring, the uncensored version of Tsun Devil, Maid In Secret, I’m In Trouble Because Sena Is Just Too Cute, Aphrodisiac Demons Only Know, Kenketsu Akuma, Swimming Love, AI-Shiteru, Natsumari No Yoru, I’m In Trouble Because Sena Is Just Too Cute, Mikichu (part of a larger pack), Angel Ring (Uncensored version), and Sis-Con + Taiyou No Shizuku.
I’m pretty certain that as soon as I create a Redirection Page for all that, the day after, they’re recompiled into a tank, grr.

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