Sis Love chapter 1 [English], by Yuzuki N Dash

Haa, at last, cliché vanilla hentai ! :o

A younger brother finally becoming manly as he reaches the good age. 3 sisters, the earnest one, the slut, and the extraverted one.

Watch out, sisters harem happy sex cliché story incoming at full speed, yay ! And I’m serious : YAY ! :woot:

When the artist is Yuzuki N Dash, my anti-fuckedup-story detectors start sending me warning signals almost instantly, so I welcome a new work not showing those bad signs, there’s not even yandere, only vanilla ! :twisted: – so far :roll:
While I’m with that artist, I’m late in sharing chapters of Sister Control, but the point is, I didn’t manage to find if the story was complete, or not… would someone know, please ? (True, the fact is I got totally scared of feeling shitty inside after reading it and I gave up on reading the latest chapters, that doesn’t help, brrr) If it’s complete, I’ll share it, then :)

The drawings were just AWESOME, on several panels I was like “woooo ! Hey, and where’s the censorship ?!”
Thanks a LOT to Dark Knight for that one ! ^_^ (And, a side note, seeing DK’s credit picture : for a girl like that, I’d be ready to try and handle the snake :D )

(MOAR ! For more works, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on Hentairules)

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