I need that lighter

Almost a month passed, I’m sharing an updated version of Sister Control with 2 new chapters :)
Please, do NOT confuse Sister Control with Onii-chan control, okay ?

As Afro Thunda once wrote : if you rage, you lose.
Save rare occasions, hypnotism only leads to nasty story lines. Here, we’ve got a typical Pathetic Hentai Boy, under the form of a younger brother, selfishly keeping his sister to himself thanks to hypnotism. Then a new “determined” boyfriend pops in, oh my god who’ll be next to brainwash who !
You’re free to dig it if you like, to each his own, me, I’ll enjoy the drawings for the drawings, and try to forget about the scenario ASAP.
Gee, Yuzuki N Dash, you’re a woman yourself, don’t you feel love for other women, to draw them as either dumb cows of brainwashed victims ?

(MOAR ! For more works, Cf. The List of Yuzuki Nā€™s Works on Hentairules)

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