I wonder if it's a one-shot or if there will be a continuation...

Even a ginger sex-friend sister can’t compete with a dark-skinned girl loving bareback sex. Here ends today’s lesson, for the rest, you may do whatever you like, as long as it’s in private, perverts ! :D :lol:

This isn’t Nico Pun Nise’s best work (something between the hips and the shoulders of the dark-skipped heroine was definitely off, body proportions have been respected better in other works by this artist), but, well, it’s still nice sex with Nico Pun Nise’s good points. The scenario is better than non-existent, but it won’t fetch very far – at least it delivers a life lesson : when you carnally know only one woman, you cannot be reliable when you say she’s the best and you’ll never enjoy another girl.
My dark-skin lover’s huge thanks are for ACF and BluMeino from Chocolate Scans ! :)

For MORE, Cf. The list of Nico Pun Niseโ€™s works on Hentairules

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