Objectable contents, excellent drawings, that's the Itokoko Dilemma. (Reload the picture if it doesn't show !)

That’s the problem with half of Itoyoko’s works : the art is always excellent, juicy pussies, ecstatic faces, beautiful women… but fucked up domination scenarii ¬_¬

Just like now, it’s a “disagreeing slave training” theme. Fuck, why can’t Itoko only draw Utopian-like stuff ? T_T
Oh well, still, i’m sharing it, I must reckon the quality is good, so, thanks to Torwyn from LWB :)

By Itoyoko, I also share Safety Loding Utopian chapters 1-2 (decensored by a devoted addicted webmaster), Cute And Lovely Bust Nurse, the funny Erobato Fuka, and the – frankly – lame He is My Brutal Master 1-4 serie.

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Just a remark, but the two male protagonists in the second part, didn’t they remind you of Manbo and Yanbo from XXth Century Boys ? ^^;;