I almost fapped to that girl. Hey, don't make that face, it's a porn blog ;)

Now, that’s not a complicated manga :D Every chapter is a new single story, in which a brother and his more experienced sister get to enjoy happy sexy time together, loving each other and loving having sex. Hardly any scenario means hardly any page wasted without sex, I guess that’s the spirit :lol:

The drawings show this is an old manga, Yuzuki N Dash wasn’t at the peak of her (errr, I think I read this was a female artist, right ?) talent yet. For instance, there are amateurish touches, some details that are incredibly arousing in Yuzuki N Dash’s recent works, like the girl’s juicy lips, are still plain and uninteresting for the moment. But, still, we’ve got several hints there is raw and massive talent, and the drawings are, overall, very good already ! :)

I did some retouching on the pictures, nothing big, just some levelling and surface cleaning (and also a brighter cover).
I’d really like to give proper credits, because there are definitely people deserving heartfelt thanks here – alas, I have no idea who is behind this release. Please, would someone know about it ?

(MOAR ! For more stuff by this artist, Cf. The List of Yuzuki N’s Works on Hentairules)

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