Please, please, sell me a ticket to the hentai world :D

Here are 2 great short works by Teri Terio, the parts 1 and 2 (I didn’t hear about any additional parts still left untranslated) of Southern Island Bus.

The scenario is crystal-clear : it’s summer, it’s hot, two teens discover their bodies and souls are compatible and they have lots of sex.
That’s stereotyped, true, but well, what did you expect for a short work ;)

At least, there’s a little bit of humour… and the drawings are just great ! :twisted:
If only I could find entry tickets to the hentai world ! :roll:

I hope you’ll like it :)

By Teri Terio, i also share If We Could Meet By The Sea [English].

Read the rest of : Southern Island Bus Bus parts 1 and 2 [English], by Teri Terio (72 words)