Basketball is good for the health. Especially here.

Imagine : the day you feel like a sore loser, you meet a girl who forces you to remember you’re a real man, with daring and balls… Once again, the hentai world is too good to be true :/

There are nice delicate drawings, with a wonderful passionate expression on the girl’s face, these are the kind of drawings that remind me hentai is an art and not only fapping material :razz:

I found this in a forgotten sub-sub-subfolder in a random place of my hard disk, if YOU know who could have scanlated this, you’re welcome to share the info :D
By Haruki – but in Japanese -, if you’re interested, I also share the complete Sports High volume, and 2 other mangas, Komusuke Milk and Mogitate Namakajyu.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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