I call that an "OMG" hentai picture :D

Thanks to Setebos and the other generous guys, at last, the complete HQ version of St Penalty Gakuen Goku is now available :D I previously shared a version that was half-HQ and half made of crappy low quality scans. Now, it’s 100% high quality pictures :twisted:

Save the scenario (a compilation of short stories), St Penalty is a pure marvel. There’s a unique hot drawing style with a lewd bodies and talent for exxagerated perspectives along female legs or hovering above a massive orgy.  There’s also proud penises remining Yamatogawa, occasionally wet and sloppy style drawings, massive groupsex (only rivaled by the finale of Witchcraft), swapping, mutual love… (and if someones wants to decensor it, or asks James to do it, I’ll offer you pictures of my naked wife)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : St Penalty Academy [English, 218 pictures], by Royal Koyanagi (163 words)