That was a feast for the eyes ! But not for the mind.

Hey, that’s the fantasy I had when I was a teenager, to stop time in order to increase the arousal of girls around me, until they became ready for sex ! :shock:

Sarcastic note, it’s ignoring the problem that suddenly catching up on several seconds of rubbing could lead to severe burns due to sudden release of heat generated from friction ;)

Of course, it’s hentai, so things escalade farer than in my fantasies (looking back, I remember being able to fap furiously to the idea of girls of my class wearing simple white panties and bras, I’ve become SO more perverted now… awww…). There’s a “mental (hentai) rape” feeling that made me feel ill at ease, the girl is, almost litterally, mind-broken, losing understanding of what’s happening to her, forced to come, until she gives in since there’s no way to keep control of anything.
You’re warned, while the drawings are fucking great and almost totally uncensored (woot !), the storyline left me with a very bad aftertaste. You, do as you like :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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