Good sex, at least

So, at last, that manga is complete, and we escape the “What the FOOOOK ?” spiral of #fail that had seemed unstoppable with the recent chapters ! :D

I can’t spoil you the details, but the first half was great (two blonde tanned babes for one lucky guy ?), the rest turned awful before a “saving the day” final chapter (both graphically and scenario-wise).

What’s the expression already… To have the weaknesses of one’s strong points, something like that ? I think the artist behind this manga tried to do a bit too much of an ambitious project, and had to perform a hard landing on Reality Tarmac, in a too short time.

Graphically, the best point of the manga is the heroine and her sister, they’re blonde, they have great breasts, and they’re tanned. Plus, they have lots of happy sex :twisted: As for the scenario, well, I suppose it feels much better when you read the volume as a whole without having depended on chapter-by-chapter progressive releases… Oh well, see for yourselves, as always :D

There’s also Escalation Summer, by Kumoi Takashi…

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

And if you previously downloaded the chapters 1-8 when I shared them a long time ago, you’ll just need the remaining parts, there you go : mirror #1 – or – mirror #2 (32 MB, 65 pictures, English)