Huhuhu, I had a stupid idea (I’m very good at having stupid ideas)…

That’s a game, I’m offering a 1-month depositfiles premium key to the winner.

We all hate censorship, right ? And yet, sometimes, for various reasons, the censorship becomes funny.

Well, that’s my stupid idea : pick the hentai picture of your choice, any hentai pic will do, and apply censorship on it.
But make it funny censorship.
Whatever inspiration floats your boat, as long as it’s fun :D

When your pic is done, simply upload it to an image host (imgur, imagevenue, whatever), and paste its URL in the comments to the present post, in a few days the winner will be chosen ^^

When you leave your comment, please make sure to use a valid e-mail addy, so that I may have a way to contact you :)