I couldn't get hard to this

Key quotation : « Don’t come near me ! You’re like a walking bottle of aphrodisiac… always standing right besides me… You idiot… I’m at my limit… »
OK ? :lol:

Smell Fetish… Hmph. I’m just not into this, so my description will be less heated as of usual : a girl has a fetish for her male partner’s body odor, and she happily fucks like minks with him while grabbing occasions to whiff off his body smell.

Me, the smell fetish radically killed my boner, and yet I have to acknowledge the sex is hot, the girl is nice (tanned girls and tanlines FTW). I still share it, I’m certain there will be people loving it :)
This release was kindly brought to us by Red Vodka, Blurk, Masamune and Fuke, from Fuke Translations, thank you !

I’ll also mention this little bonus picture I made, you see, even without getting a boner, at least it’s possible to laugh ^^

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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