IRL, the boy would have ended being single, but, still, it's more realistic than of usual !

OK, how about some preteen hentai with a girl aged 10 ?

Hey, chill out, I was kidding ! The “Sweet 10″ title comes from the fact the male and female heroes have been dating for ten years already, and they finally have sex, that’s all :D

Now, that one’s an interesting share, much more realistic, in some regards, than my average posts ! … And here, looking back, I realize I have prepared a super-long wall of text for my description, I really have a problem with desriptions that have to be short, significant, and useful. Especially the “short” part ¬_¬

By Minato Fumi, I also share two packs, here, and there !

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Well, if you’re ready to face the wall of text of a description, there you go ;)
Take a couple made of two virgins that haven’t yet had the balls/courage to engage into dirty things (not even French kissing and the like), because of extreme shyness. Don’t laugh if you don’t feel concerned, it’s not unrealistic at all. There’s bound to be a clumsy beginning, and some people are so shy they pretend some things don’t exist.
In my younger years I was extremely shy too, but not so shy that I wouldn’t always, all the time, try to grope my moment’s girlfriend body (no boasting here, I’m not a womanizer, I had 3 GFs between 15 and 18 in total, and every time it was them ending it). However, one of my GFs was like the girl in the present comic, so shy and protective that sex was out of order, even if she was respondent to desire and caresses when I miraculously managed to try and do things. The present comic depicts what may have happened if I had had a “save point” option, in order to dare and just FUCK HER BRAINS OUT RIGHT NOW FOR FUCKS SAKE. *ahem*, sorry, I’ll always ask myself what would have happened if I had done that.

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(And, if you, dear potential male reader, are in the position of the boy in the present share, I’ll throw a note. Either you give up for good because you’re not going anywhere anyway, or, if there’s a good mood on the right occasion, you engage her in looong, intense, long-lasting french kissing, with chance the both of you may become as if punch drunk from this, and her barriers may crumble. Or may not, usually I think it’s best to just give up in such cases :-/ )