I find the lack of penises in this share... disturbing...

And here’s a little something for the lovers of yuri hentai, have your lesbian dose :)

Credits are for Nandeyanen, Chansu, Rika-Chama, Lich and Rabidpatamon, from Yuri-ism, thank you :)
Yuri-Ism added links to purchase Isya’s works, if you’re up to this : here or there.

To be quite frank, I couldn’t find the strength to read this one from beginning to end.
I know, I’m quite biased in saying so, but yuri hentai has the same flaws as shoujo mangas : so much damn time wasted in hollow dialogues and acute descriptions of one’s feelings, overanalyzing what the other persons think, wasting tons of time chosing how to react to how you think the others are thinking… Shoujo-ception, me, argh, no. There are rare cases when I love yuri hentai for the psychological parts, like Maka Maka, but look carefully, Maka Maka doesn’t need to be lengthy, precisely.
As for the porn, there’s a sex scene in every chapter, and one, rarely two vagina shots during each. Love, care for the other, etcetera, etcetera :roll:

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