Take that biatch ! Suck my lightsaber ! (lol)

How about some MILF hentai, or even mature hentai, for a change ? :)

The women must be between 30 and 40, and their bodies reveal it almost realistically (the “almost” part : no loosened bellies, smooth skin, only a little bit plumper than younger girls, tits only a tinby bits saggier, and tense skin around the eyes). For that niche, the drawings are pretty nice, the faces are good too. There are tender kisses, or straight vaginal or anal sex. There’s just ONE big annoying problem, the goddamn thick white censorship, RHA it’s driving me MAD that some publishers don’t find it ridiculous when the rest of the competition is satisfied with thin black bars or just grayer bars.

Oh, and as for the scenario, it’s a full-volume story with blossoming love evolving into a steady well-working relation :)

Something crucial, there are blessed occasional funny moments (nothing much, a sudden grimace, a nosebleed, small details relieving the mood), I’ll highlight (don’t miss it ! ^^) an immense LOL at the end of chapter 6, and an almost equally immense burst of laughter at the end of the following chapter: D
While I was at it, I made two bonus pictures. One of them is a simple what the FUCK? moment that burst in without reason and against all common and hentai sense, agains the flow of the manga, against… everything, lol. The other is the fruit of my anger at the censorship.

By Takasugi Kou, I also share Boku No Suki Na Obasan and The Reason I’m So Crazy About Her (those two don’t suffer unbearable censorship, luckily).

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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