Haaa, Gunma~~

With the final release of Sweethearts’ final chapter, by AmaiLittleThing, the manga Sweethearts, by Gunma Kisaragi, is now entirely translated :)

Please, read this warning : this is NOT the final version, EVERYTHING save the final chapter is based on magazine scans.
See it more like a chance to read it as a whole, if you REALLY can’t wait !

In case the distinction between tank and magazine isn’t very clear for you, please read this :)
In a way, this is not very different from JC Ecchi, also almost entirely shared, at the moment, in magazine scans : it’s better than nothing, and it’s good to have it as a whole, but you know that, some day, somebody will gloriously serve Mankind by editing the much-better-looking tank scans with the translation written for the magazine scans ;)

(I share much more stuff by this genius, Cf The list of Gunma Kisaragi’s works)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

I named the pictures accordingly in the Zip, the chapters composing the Sweethearts tank are :
1- Sweet Hearts Lesson 1-4
2- Immoral Girl
3- Miss Contest Rhapsody
4- Beauty Contest Rhapsody After Days
5- Curiosity Never Stops
6- Doki Doki Kousai Checker
7- Sweethearts Bangaihen
For the moment, all of them, save Sweethearts Bangaihen, are based upon MAGAZINE scans.

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Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(119 MB, 233 pictures, English)

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english hentai english hentai english hentai

Just in case I wasn’t clear enough, this is NOT a translation of the TANK, this is based on the translation of the MAGAZINE scans, and it simply happens that these works were reprinted, in a much better version, as a tank, you see the idea ? This is, in no way, a final version, at best it’s a first step, guys, OK ?