the best Johji Manabe hentai manga I've read

Without a single doubt, Tail Chaser 2 is the BEST manga I’ve read so far by Johji Manabe and by Studio Katsudon (Johji Manabe being the main artist of the latter). 214 great pictures, full with excellent uncensored or almost uncensored hentai drawings, hungry faces (the last sex scene of the manga was epic !), lots of sex scenes (hetero and lesbian duos, groupsex, 4 different girls in various combos). The scenario is decent, funny and ambitious, I am starting to consider there is a possibility the ending, in volume 3, will not be entirely fucked up :D
I rarely vote on my own shares, but this time it’s a 5-stars from me :twisted:

(I share lots of works by this artist, cf The updated list of Studio Katsudon”s shares)

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Read the rest of : Tail Chaser volume 2 [English, 214 pictures], by Johji Manabe, from Studio Katsudon (96 words)