Studio Katsudon rules ^_^

I don’t have much time this evening, so let’s make it fast, here’s a “halfway” translated version of the final volume of Tail Chaser, a superb hentai manga. I suspect several months will pass before the complete version, so there you are for the moment :o

There will be excellent uncensored (yay ^^) drawings, 4 girls having sex so far, an incredible hero (hyper-obsessed, ready to have sex anywhere, anytime, no matter what happens around), and the cuuuuuuutest ( 8-) ) creatures since Ragnarok Online’s Deviruchis :D

(I share lots of works by the artis behind it t, cf My list of Studio Katsudon shares)
Shortcuts : Tail Chaser vol. 1, and Tail Chaser vol. 2 ;)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Tail Chaser volume 3, 4 first chapters #17-20 [English, 103 pictures], by Johji Manabe (137 words)