Good sex as always with Studio Katsudon :)

Good news, this time, this is it, the translation of the final volume of the Tail Chaser serie has begun, the first chapter of this volume (overall, chapter #17) has been released :)

In this chapter, big surprise (hoooooo), we discover the “evil in chief” girl is a crackhead crazy weirdo, and also that bad things are likely to happen on earth, not much more. I can’t wait to read the rest 8-)

(I share lots of works by the artis behind it t, cf My list of Studio Katsudon shares)
Shortcuts : Tail Chaser vol. 1, and Tail Chaser vol. 2 ;)

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Read the rest of : Tail Chaser volume 3, first chapter [English], by Johji Manabe, from Studio Katsudon (72 words)