There’s no porn in this topic, and you’ll feel both enraged and depressed after reading it, if you weren’t like that yet.

Care to read it, please ? Seriously ? :)

After all the SOPA and PIPA discussion, I hope a good number of you has heard of the subject, how an industry counting dozens of thousands of workers is trying to destroy the internet as we know it, and fuck to the rest of humanity. Logically, the politicians decide the interest of this small dozen thousands of persons matters more than the future of everything and everyone else.
The problem is : the money, the corruption, and the fact the political deciders, even when they aren’t corrupted, are fucken old idiots unable to understand technology. Did I mention money and corruption, incidentally ?

However, even before SOPA and PIPA were discussed, a new trade agreement was discussed around the globe between wealthy nations, under the name of ACTA. This is most natural that you won’t have heard of it, it was treated as a top-level national security classified document, and only the negociators (and, surprisingly, some lobbyists) were allowed to view it and discuss it. Associations, citizens, local parliaments, were kindly asked to go fuck themselves and ignore the subject until a treaty was signed.

No need to draw you a picture, the ACTA treaty is going to make pretty much everything worse. Not only for internet, intellectual property will win against just everything.

If it’s too BIG to believe, it doesn’t mean it’s not true, it means you’re too naive.

If crops can be copyrighted, they will be, and fuck the third world peasants. Mass-production of meds at a cheap cost for the third-world countries will have to cease, and fuck the dying poors, the wealth of the rich western labs is more important. The rich seize the poor, the unmoving dead seize the active living, the past seizes the future to last longer — basically.

As for the internet side of things, I hope you love Disney, FoxTV and MTV, you’ll have trouble getting better shit.

I didn’t mention much the subject lately, I was getting depressed, and wondering if things could avoid going for the worse.
Look, there are so many reasons to smile…
Global warming won’t be stopped by active global agreements, the biggest polluters decided to let it go.
When Europe courageously decides to apply a carbon tax on the extremely polluting airplane companies, China and USA refuse to pay, fuck whoever denies them the right to pollute over sovereign other countries, right ?
Less and less online freedom.
More and more cameras everywhere, logging of what you do and write, of who phones where…
(This picture might be shocking, but dramatically trueSource)
Greater and greater spread between the very rich and the very poor, and when you look closely the poor stay poor, it’s just the richer getting richest.

Aaaaah, FUCK IT !
Even if it’s childish and hopeless, we may hope to take a stand.
It’s better than to stay idly doing nothing worthy of our lives and deserving to be buttfucked again and again.

Saturday, 11th of feb. 2012, is a global day of active protestation against ACTA.

Some towns expect more than 50 000 protesters, this is not small.
For the first time in my life, me too, I’ll take part in a public event, a public protest in my town, walking around the town and the like. Residents of Lille, France, you may walk across the Oliver of Hentaiweblog without knowing this Saturday ^^ This isn’t much, but I’ll also contact my European Deputy, speak around my family, and the like.

What about you ?
If you’re European, you’re currently inside the KEY area (I regret to say it’s too late for countries like USA or Japan, who already signed, but you should still make a big ruckus, FFS), for the first time local representatives in Eastern Europe have threatened to refuse to vote the treaty (good job, teaching democratic values to western Europe !), and then there will be votes in the European Parliament.
If you don’t belong there, there’s still chances you can spread the info or belong to a country where pressure can still be exerted.

Care to read a bit about it ? :)

If you’re new to the subject, you should visit and scroll down a full page’s height, for the “6 Reasons to oppose ACTA” part.

OK, ready to move your ass and show actual concern, in he street ? BURN ALIVE THE LOBBYISTS AND THE POLITICIANS ACCEPTING CORRUPTION !
*cough*, no, I didn’t write that, my hand slipped, I wanted to say :
Walk, and shout ! Here’s a handy lists of the places where to protest on Saturday 11. Or there’s also a town-after-town list. Tweeter addicts, here’s a hashtag. There’s also a global facebook page.

I regret to say that just staying sitting in front of your computer doesn’t do much, and you know it. The politicians and the big corporations know this. Even the Anonymous defacing big websites is technically nothing, one day, two days, a week later, the websites are back into order, while the treaties last, them, and work worldwide. Staying in front of your computer isn’t helpful. Isn’t useful. Isn’t enough. Isn’t menacing. Ultimately, governments only get scared when citizens start walking the streets.

You may also contact your representatives to your local parliament. Technically, you’re still living in a democracy, even if big money holders are becoming the true owners more and more as years pass.

For all the good it never made, there’s yet another petition.

Smarter reading, if you want. Main site.
Intelligent material for thought and to motivate you to fucking ACT (without a final “A”), the I Want A Pony fucken strategy. And then an extension of the previous article.

I hope I could motivate a few of you, guys, you’ll find it harder to fap to your best liking if all this shit passes, you know :o
Whatever you can do, please, do something. Better uselessly waste your time now, for all the chances we have, than bitterly regret having done nothing in the future.