Like most primates, I will experience a huge feeling of distress and disorientation, very close to panic actually, when my surroundings, especially my den, turn to chaos.

And now, it’s time to mention my wife’s going through her biennal tradition of deciding to totally rearrange everything around the house. She’ll move ALL the freaking furniture, replacing a part of it (50% this year). That implies emptying everything until new locations have been assigned.
This year’s specials also include repainting the walls showing age, and fixing sort of rails for curtains and suspensions for paintings.

Could that be genetic ? I can’t name a single male interested in redecorating and moving furniture, but I can name around me at least a dozen women who made it a hobby ¬_¬

In short, it’s fucking chaos at home, and I’m starting feeling like throwing myself through a window, this really ain’t the atmosphere for me -_-

I miraculously found time to prepare two hentai shares (heck, it was the most pleasurable activity of the day !), but I had to do it faster than of usual, sorry about that :)