Jamming hentai, typical and unchanging

I feel that Tames could be Jamming’s “softest” hentai manga, NOT toying with hard netorare, NOT seeing women as mind-broken abducted cock slaves, and NOT indulging in industrial-scale incest, just featuring happy non-lovey-dovey sex :)

This was brought thanks to Faytear, Brolen and Peterg, props to them ! ^^

I wonder if I could manage to use one of the “good ideas” used in this manga, the “hourglass trick” (you’ll understand when you read, it was funnily found)… I’ll have to think about it :twisted:

One day, I won’t manage to escape creating a new redirection page for the artist Jamming… By Jamming, I also share Mesunie Zuma Sacrifice [English, 191 pictures], It Ejaculates In Teacher [English, 217 pictures], Step Mother Taste Is Only Natural [English, 170 pictures] and Leave It To Sis [English, 183 pictures].

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