You know the manly tears were shed meme ? We need a Manly Seed Was Shot equivalent. Oooooh yes we do.

Aaaaaand I also made the second – and final – part ! ^_^
I’m done with “tankoubonizing” for a while, I tell you !

Before my usual wall of text, the whole gist, in 6 pictures.
Part 1 : First…, Let’s mix it with…, And enjoy ! ^_^
Part 2 : First…, Let’s mix it with…, And enjoy ! ^_^

I must confess very few hentai works pleased and aroused me as much as We’re All In Heat, by Meme50, that one looked TOTALLY AWESOME in my eyes.
Unfortunately, it was based on magazine scans, with so much censorship no male or female genitalia were visible at all.
Animefaptastico (thanks a bunch, man !) told me about a better print, a Korean tankoubon. Banzai ! Some photoshopping later (45 minutes for part 1, 70 for part 2, I’m ashamed to be so slow -_-), I’m glad to offer you the “tank’ed” version of this great share, this time with the English dialogues applied to the (retouched, why waste a chance) Korean tank scans :twisted:

As Chef wisely said, « there is a time and a place for everyting, and that is college ». Without further ado, let’s feast on EPIC tank’ed Meme50 college life :D

By the same artist, Meme50, I also share the EXCELLENT Chome Chome Otome (212 pictures), Limit Break!! (212 pictures) and Momasete.

Oh, if you didn’t have a scenario before… Let’s behold the magic of booze, two girls, two boys, college students, and suddenly – ORGY ! The girls are voracious, the boys are inexhaustible, with oral, vaginal, anal, 2×2, 2×1, combos, and they even go steady after this, providing us a last arousing scene to cherish in memory. In part 2, the wild behaviour tames off and love blooms. Strangely, I found it less arousing.
Hats off, seriously :jap: And a gazillion thanks to Saha and Donkey Kong !

I share 2 zips. First : the complete story, with its parts 1-2. Tank’ed by me ^^ Second : just the brand new part 2, that’s for those of you who already have the part 1, that I did the other day.

The parts 1-2, newly translated
(And that’s all, the “story” is complete, now :) )

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The part 2 only

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
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