AAAAAAAAAAAAW =) If it was a full manga with smaller tank censorship, I could fap to this until I die =)

I tell you, friends, I will NEVER view klutz girls the same way, not after reading Turafuku Manman.

Now that I know that klutz girls are klutzes only because they’re constantly thinking of penises, they’ll be even MOAR erotic than they used to be – and that’s telling something, oooooh yeah ! :twisted:

So, with a ton of thanks to Cgrascal, here is one of these “OMG SO MUCH VANILLA I AM GOING TO DIE” great shares as I love them, please, enjoy the feast =)

On my second read (the first time, I must humbly confess I was in a “look at me in the eyes. I said : THE EYES” situation), I also observed something striking, the extreme care for details in the backgrounds, lots of things of little importance are perfectly represented (even as far as the back parts of audio speakers, plugs and air vents, for heaven’s sake). The backgrounds are not as “interesting” as in Yuki Seto’s mangas (architecturally fascinating), but it was producing a great “uncousiously pleasing” impression nonetheless.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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