French aphorism : old women make a good fuck, they don't know if they'll fuck another time later

With many thanks to Sei-Jin for the great translation, here is the 3rd volume of Tatoeba Haha Ga, by Tsuyatsuya :)

Fair warning, you gotta tolerate women aged 35+ with natural bodies :o

This manga asks interesting questions, toying with the contradictions between the different needs one can have. The need to be a sexually active person, the need to be a good parent, the need to satisfy the body’s wishes, the need to satisfy the heart’s wishes… All of these wishes possibly contradicting each other in various combinations… There’s much more to this manga’s scenario than I thought the first time, I really appreciate it :shock:

Graphically, I also appreciated the passionate faces, when the mind loses control to pure sensations (a bit like Tsukino Jyogi, but with another style), however the bloody censorship partially ruined it (and not Even James could fix it, sadly)  :-/

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Read the rest of : Tatoeba Haha Ga volume 3 [English, 194 pictures], by Tsuya Tsuya (156 words)