At last, this is over ¬_¬

I have to salute the gigantic work of Sei-Jin, thanks to whom, in a remarkably short time, the final volumes of Tatoeba have become available :shock:

You rule, man :D

So there we are, guys, with these volumes 5 and 6, and with this chapter 49+ (a longer, more detailed and less censored remake of the key almost-final chapter), at long last, the Tatoeba Haha Ga serie is over. Phiew.
Fast summary if you just joined the ride : super-hot lewd women aged 30-40 having sex with boys aged 20, a long detailed scenario, psychology, incest temptation…

(MOAR ! For MORE works by this artist, Cf the List of ALL my TsuyaTsuya shares)

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Read the rest of : Tatoeba Haha Ga volumes 5-6 (end of the far too long story) and special chapter 49+ [English, 439 pictures] (481 words)