I hope to live something like that some day :D

Here is the COMPLETE version of Tayu Tayu, by the hentai genious Yamatogawa :D The english-translated chapters 8 and 9 have just been published a few hours ago, and there you are =)
Update, 1st april 2009 : I updated this post with a better HQ version of chapter #9, you’ll now have the “instant boner” picture above in excellent quality ;)

The manga is very hardcore, close to zero censorship, extremely hot teens deeply loving sex, in various outfits (bikini sex, my love !). The ending is obviously what everyone expected, I won’t call it disappointing (heck, I’d kill to see more of it !), maybe the scenario just lacked the spark of originality – but that was hot :shock: I still place Witchcraft (scenario++) and Aqua Bless (drawings++) over it, but that’s a close shave, and, still, it’s incredibly good dope :twisted:

(For much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of all my shares by Yamatogawa)

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Read the rest of : Tayu Tayu [English, 186 pictures, COMPLETE version], by Yamatogawa, + new chapters 8-9 in another Zip (299 words)