(I wrote this note, on an impulse, this afternoon.)

Do you see this picture ? Do you know this game ?
This is a sort of 3-D Connect Four, sold by Ikea.

Please, don't ask me for the Swedish name of that game.

One week ago, my kids found the box in which it was put away so that adults could play with it, and of course, they were very fast in losing the “beads”, spreading them all over the apartment.

I collected all the wooden pieces I could find, over time, save one.
Seven (7) days later, I finally found the last wooden piece to complete Ikea’s 3D Connect Four, soon I would at last be able to put it back in storage.

And I feel very disheartened.

In just a pair of minutes, I’m going to place back the last missing wooden piece.
And nothing will happen.
No fanfare, no merry music, no event, no cheers, no reaction, no change in the course of events, no, nothing at all. I’d even feel too ridiculous if I were to strike a victory pose.

How sad is this :(

Maybe I’ve become too much of a geek and of a gamer with the passing years, but I can’t help feeling real life is too dull, too dishearteningly down to earth, sometimes, don’t you also think ? :-/